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Windows Firewall Control Cracked [ Keygen ]

Windows Firewall Control is a tool that provides fast access to the Windows Firewall settings and enhances functionality by letting you manage networking rules for each application. It mainly caters to experienced users, such as network administrators.Windows Firewall Control 5.0 Rapidly access Windows Firewall settings, create rules for each installed program (allow or deny network access) and select the filtering profile.

Windows Firewall Control 5.0 Full Version With Crack

Windows Firewall Control 5 crack
It runs in the system tray and allows user to control the native firewall easily. Without having to waste time by navigating to the specific part of the firewall.
It is free to use. Registered users will get the advantage of learning mode which provides notifications for outgoing blocked connections.This is the best tool to manage the native firewall from Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, Server 2008, Server 2012.
Windows Firewall Control 5.0.1 doesn’t filter any packets and does not block or allow any connection. This is done by Windows Firewall itself based on the existing firewall rules.
Windows Firewall Control license key
As we know, by default Windows has been provided with firewall components. It’s powerful enough, comprehensive, and also offers advanced options. However, Microsoft has failed to present an easy-to-use and user-friendly tool. Windows Firewall Control 5 offers the easiest and fastest way to manage and access to the most frequent options of Windows Firewall.

Windows Firewall Control 5 Features :

Disable the ability of other programs to add Windows Firewall rules.
Full support for standard user accounts. Elevated privileges are required only at installation.
Intuitive and easily accessible interface in the systray.
Full support for creating, modifying and deleting Window Firewall rules.
Create temporary rules which are automatically deleted when they expire or on program restart.
Possibility to restore previous settings at uninstallation.
Shell integration into the right click context menu of the executable files.
Multiple and easier ways of creating new rules in Windows Firewall.
Search for executable files through folders and create new rules in seconds.
Lock feature which can disable the access to the settings of the program and Windows Firewall.
Choose if you want the program to start at user login.
Search for invalid rules with the possibility to delete them.
Import and export the settings of Windows Firewall Control.
View recently blocked connections and create new rules from the logs: inbound and outbound.
Protection to unauthorized uninstallation.
And many more.

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