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XCOM®: Enemy Within V1.6.0 Apk – AllApkApp

XCOM®: Enemy Within V1.6.0 Apk

XCOM®: Enemy Within V1.6.0 Apk - AllApkApp

XCOM®: Enemy Within V1.6.0 is the latest version of this android game. Last update of XCOM®: Enemy Within V1.6.0 version is 4-12-2016. Size of this apk is 3.13GB. XCOM®: Enemy Within V1.6.0 Apk is offered by 2k Inc. This is a purchased version and here you can get this apk free of cost from https://allapkapp.com/.

The content of this XCOM®: Enemy Within V1.6.0 video game is fictitious. XCOM®: Enemy Within V1.6.0 Apk is not intended to represent or represent a real record of events, persons, places or entities in the game configuration. The creators and editors of this video game do not endorse, tolerate or encourage in any way the conduct described in this video game.

XCOM®: Enemy Within game legend game is adventurous game. The play role of this game is very flashing and enjoying. This apk is fully activated. The characters and the story of this game is consists on reality base.

Key Features of XCOM®: Enemy Within V1.6.0:

• New Soldier Capabilities: Investigate new alien technology to improve the capabilities of your operatives. The new technology includes genetic modifications of mechanized soldiers and cyber critics.

• New weapons and equipment: Offer your operators an additional tactical advantage with new projects from your engineering team and the Foundry.

• New enemy threats: Adopt new tactics to counter the threats of two new types of aliens and a new deadly organization known as EXALT.

• New strategic resource: A valuable new foreign resource, known as Meld, has been discovered. Secure it on the battlefield and use it carefully on the base to unlock new research and updates.

• New maps, units and multiplayer skills: Create your custom squadron from a wide range of options and dominate your opponent in intense. One-on-one, turn-based encounters.

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